Garrys Mod: Mac vs Windows Client Comparison

I’ve been running the Mac and Windows version of Garrys Mod Recently, and heres what I have to say about the versions.

Both had same addons installed, (mainly PHX, Wire etc), and both were the latest version and legally off steam.

Pros of the Mac Version
Doesn’t crash as much,
No annoying DLLs
Seemed more stable

Cons of the Mac Version
Addons didn’t work as well as they did on the Windows counterpart, some didn’t work at all.
Some people on game-servers don’t realize that what OS you use is a choice
Slower performance
Less supported

Pros of the Windows Version
Pretty much every addon works
Better performance
More supported

Cons of the Windows Version
DLLs are frankly a pain
It crashed a lot of when joining servers and loading maps,
Compared to the Mac version, it appears to use more memory.

Random post, but felt like posting it.

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2 Responses to Garrys Mod: Mac vs Windows Client Comparison

  1. Filling in this field says:

    Your a faliure. MACs still use DLLs or a diffrent type of DLL for unix based

    • Daniel says:

      Says the person who likes to use a false identity?

      DLLs are mainly Windows only,

      For example, before WebKit was built in the source engine, for those who wanted to render a web page in GMod correctly, they had to use gm_chrome.dll, and what there was like 50 versions of that, and if you have a different version from the server you crashed. Not to mention that gm_bass broke with like every release? And crashed you too!

      I worded it wrong, I was refering to the fact that theres addons that require DLLs as well, however some require different versions, and some of the DLLs dont work at all.

      OS X uses .dylibbs and .so’s, and Linux just uses .so’s, however I don’t know of any addon that actually uses custom made ones.

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