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Nokia need a better naming Team

The latest Nokia, the Nokia Lumia. Lumia in Spanish means Prostitute. That is all.

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Getting Processor Model & Speed on OS X.

Its fairly easy to find out what brand of processor and its speed on OS X with About This Mac, however finding out the model number has always been frustrating for some people, who perhaps want to upgrade their RAM, … Continue reading

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Why OSX/Linux > Windows in Terms of Security

It isn’t market share, primarily. This is quoted from somewhere, I couldn’t find the source, let me know if you know where it came from and ill happily mention it  1) Until Vista, the admin account in Windows did not … Continue reading

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People Don’t Switch to Bing from Google

Bing’s market share only rises because Microsoft force people to use Bing (eg Blackberry, IE, Automatic Updates) In all fairness, why use Bing when Google does it all but better, I mean go Google it Note: Microsoft Employees are exempt … Continue reading

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